Monday, December 12, 2005

Hair Falls

I love my hair. I believe it is a canvas. I rememeber tying ribbon togther and sticking it into my hair. It was a nine year olds fevered imagination that seems to predate my sudden intreast in hair falls. I think the encouraging thing that makes me go, 'hairfalls now!' is the fact I cannot dye my hair. Yes, at first seeing my natural hair color seemed, it doesn't. Maybe it is after Cathy said I am not blonde. Maybe it is the lack of art in my life or how everyone is dying their hair. I'm sorry, but I was one of the few who dyed hair in this school since 9th grade. I was "Blue's Clues" and now, lots of people are colored up. Maybe it is just the inclination of goth and punk being chic. I don't know what it is. Maybe I pathed their way to being dyed.
Now, I am getting pretty antsy to dye my hair. Those silly pictures of me in purple, red, and blue did it! Argh! Well, on, they have a cool group of girls who do crafts. They love hair falls. I've seen them on a girl at Rocky Horror. So, studying them, I realize what I am going to do. I am going to I-cord me some hairfalls, then felt them. It will cover my horrible I-cordiness. I hope it works and a great way to dig into my wool yarn stash. Yay. Then, I shall be cool. I have one done so far. In lets say it was two hours of work? Maybe I can have them done by January. I could have them knitted by Christmas but felted who knows when?


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