Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm Over Committed

News from the Shannon front:
I broke up with David.
I have successfully went to a People to People meeting.
I have taught How-to Knit for six hours straight.

I am still working on the I-Cords. I even have Virginia knitting some for me. I have 60, I think. I am about to cut my hair and dye it red. Tomorrow, I have state FCCLA. I am nervous. Wish me luck. I will be relieved to be away from the conservative grips of State FCCLA.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Note to Self: Bring More Knitting

Always bring tons and tons of knitting where ever you go. I have learned that lesson the hard way. I was stuck in Ohio in a hotel room with nothing to do. I finished some Cancer scarves this weekend and used some extra to make a overly large head band. Grrr. My knitting bag of the gods was even in David's car. Grr. I didn't want to I-cord during this time. I-cording is boring if you do it around 40 plus times. I need to enslave some orphans to I-cord for me. Well, because of all of David's car trouble, I can't see him all month. I miss Rocky Horror and the Stitch 'N Bitch. Argh, matey.

It is quite odd for me to see people that are my age that are knitting and not influenced by me. Quite odd for me! You see, I saw this girl(I think she annoys me; I haven't decided) knitting during french. Let me tell you: this(I think) is her first project. Man, it sucked. I know(since I have that scarf) my first scarf did not ever look that bad. It was all curvy and very holey. But I shouldn't judge. Really, I shouldn't. They were talking about knitting needles on planes. I tried to intject but no one would let me in. Oh, well. I am sure I am a better knitter than any of them. Oh mi god, that is my feelings of being at West all those years. No one ever cared. No one. I bet she ain't the kinda gothic girl who knits during lunch. I'm sorry that I don't knit during 3rd block. It's not that I am afraid. It is cause I have to rush in from East, rush out, make up work. I don't have the time.

I haven't helped with the 4-H Knitting Class. Haven't had time. Oh, well.

I need money and I need yarn. Donations welcome. Oh, I have to makes some scarves for cancer patients to revive my community service I was doing in October. I am trying to use all my icky pink this way. I got another yarn ball that was pink.

The new Anticraft issue is out. Everyone should check it out...not that anyone reads this. I've been postponed to next issue. Oh, well.

My head hurts. I think that is a sign for bed.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Accidental Felting and More

TheAnticraft Update:

Shannon, I love the purse, it freaking rocks. Any chance you can make me a stencil for the ankh shape? Just trace over it so people can print it out? It's really cool, but it might just be a bit more than the average person can do on their own.
Let me know,
P.S. Thanks so much for being the only person to take decent pictures! You can't believe the kind we've been getting, yours were so nice to see comparatively.

See, that is how much I rock.

When I was babysitting the other night, I was washing all my clothes
and when I was putting it all in the dryer, I saw one of my I cords in
the wash. (It was there because I am not smart enough to keep them
together. I probably have around 5 to 10 extra that are floating
around the house. )
It was just like it used to be except one of the tips was felted. I
was excited. Then I decided while my clothes were drying, that I
can experiment with how much the I cords will felt. I think around 10
inches dissapear(it's 1 am and either way I spell it, it doesn't look
right). Which was less than I was giving it leeway to. Now, I just
have to finish all my I cords.

It made me happy to felt for the first time. I had to share.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Knitting Olympics 2006

Oh, yes, I am pumped. *growls*
I am in the Knitting Olympics.
I am going to knit Bad Juju out of that yucky purple yarn. I'm going to start swatching tomorrow. Luckly, I have at least 3 needles for the project which are easy to get: Michael's. I am set. Yay.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Hair falls

I now have 29 hairfalls. No. Mark that. I have 30, I think. I've been aiming at 50 but I might need more. I'll look at average hair fall quantities.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Update on it All!

Let's see:
I have new semester classes! I am now taking Independent Nutrition, Independent Spanish 3, French 3(Yes, I totally bypassed French 2 to be taking French 3), AP English, Apparal Managment. Yes, I am taking a class that gives me an excuse to knit. Be jealous of me. My final project will be either knitted or be out of duck tape. I can't decide. Who knows? I might turn around and sew something.

Lookie, lookie at my duck tape coffin!
Image hosting by TinyPic
I made it just for Zabet for theanticraft.com. It's out of duck tape. She saw the picture on the myspace and thought it was awesome. She hadn't checked the submissions email account cause she didn't even know about it yesterday. I told her I submitted it and without looking at the directions, she accepted it then and there. I'm going to be in the Imbolc issue when I had expected the Beltane issue. Go me.

I've been an I-cording fiend. I have 24 done. Yes, that doesn't even equal to a freakin' month. I've been working on it for more than 24 days. ERGH. It is looking good when they are all in a bunch. *sniff, sniff* My babies are gonna look like that one website I can't find. I need to make...26 more I-cords! I'll be doing this till....March. At that point, I can dye my hair.

I am trying to think of more duck tape things for Zabet. No inspiration. *frowns* I might do my living essay in duck tape. Duck tape is rad. That is all I got to say. Tomorrow, I have to cure a country ham.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I didn't knit much this week. I watched alot of movies, slept and read. I slept alot. I cooked for David all week. Yay. David's grandma got me some pjs(no comment) and David got me some awesome books.

Today, we opened what was left of our Christmas. I got my umbrella swift(of course the robbers wouldn't grab any of my wool of the andes or homespun!) and a fondue pot. My mom also got me a pampered chef gift certificate. I wish it was more than $20. Grr. My head hurts. David is asleep and I find myself bored.