Monday, December 12, 2005

4-H and Knitting

Last November, I talked to Cathy about starting a knitting club or project that I could lead. Cathy said talk to her about it when the begining of the year starts. Virginia finally finished her scarf. In the Jess. Co. 4-H, there is a family that rules. That family is the Carmans. Anna Carman asks if I made Virginia's scarf. She of course explained it was hers. Well, Anna said how she was thinking of starting a knitting club. Virginia told her Cathy was saying I could start one. Well, you see, Anna didn't even know what stitches made garter. I read alot of knitting books from all across the world and no place calls garter something different. *looks around* On Saturday, I got a letter about the 4-H Knitting Project lead by Jan Carman. I felt hurt and betrayed. Yet another award goes to the Carmans. Ugh is all I have to say. Today I teach Virginia how to seed stitch.


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