Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas, 4-H and Speeches

First, what I am getting everyone for Christmas.
Virginia: Hot pink Yarn ball with needles, Tips
Charlie: Green Yarn ball with needles, Tips
Emily: A Yarn ball with needles, Tips
Desha: Purple Yarn ball with needles, Tips
Heather O.: A neon purple/neon green Yarn ball, Knit.1(for that knitted corset that I hope she'll love), Tips
For everyone else who does not knit(how sad for them!):
A cookie tin with Brikkle and a card:
Heather O.
Brian(or is Brain?)
Rodrigo(is that spelled right?)
That is everyone!
I'll of course have brikkle and cards for the people who get gifts. I need to send cards to: Ms. Carver, the 9 state officers, the 4-H Teen council, Cathy, Abby, Mirissa, Lisa A. from District, my teachers, Helen and Grace, my delegation leader, Mrs. Zabilka for trying so hard to get me into French I and Spanish III, And I cannot think of anyone else.

Today, I had my speech run-off. There were only three rooms. Why is public speaking such a fear? I find it ridiculous. I wouldn't be a state officer if it wasn't for 4-H public speaking skills. Virginia said I was barely making my seven minute limit. She was signalling me like crazy so I would know. Of course, I didn't see it. What was my speech about? Knitting. I only practiced it once. I just used things I read about over and over again(because I love to reread the begining of knitting books while I knit). Jan Carman was in the room to watch her kids give their fab-tab-u-lous speeches. Afterworlds, I was to wear something knitted in my hair(since I like to wear ties in my hair), practice, and relax. Maybe I should knit during my speech! That wouldn't flow well. While I was filling out my regional papers, Jan Carman asked if I could help her with the class. I was so happy she asked. That makes everything better. Mom was happy, too.

I have two Lindor chocolates left.


Blogger peung(Honeybee) said...

I think ure very good girl.
I might feel like you if i have to speech while crown of people.
But,the think that u do it's well done!!!!!
I'm very pleasure if u come to comment in my
blog( http://bthai.blogspot.com) cause i 'll get point from the teacher. thanks a lot.

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