Sunday, January 29, 2006

Accidental Felting and More

TheAnticraft Update:

Shannon, I love the purse, it freaking rocks. Any chance you can make me a stencil for the ankh shape? Just trace over it so people can print it out? It's really cool, but it might just be a bit more than the average person can do on their own.
Let me know,
P.S. Thanks so much for being the only person to take decent pictures! You can't believe the kind we've been getting, yours were so nice to see comparatively.

See, that is how much I rock.

When I was babysitting the other night, I was washing all my clothes
and when I was putting it all in the dryer, I saw one of my I cords in
the wash. (It was there because I am not smart enough to keep them
together. I probably have around 5 to 10 extra that are floating
around the house. )
It was just like it used to be except one of the tips was felted. I
was excited. Then I decided while my clothes were drying, that I
can experiment with how much the I cords will felt. I think around 10
inches dissapear(it's 1 am and either way I spell it, it doesn't look
right). Which was less than I was giving it leeway to. Now, I just
have to finish all my I cords.

It made me happy to felt for the first time. I had to share.


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