Sunday, January 15, 2006

Update on it All!

Let's see:
I have new semester classes! I am now taking Independent Nutrition, Independent Spanish 3, French 3(Yes, I totally bypassed French 2 to be taking French 3), AP English, Apparal Managment. Yes, I am taking a class that gives me an excuse to knit. Be jealous of me. My final project will be either knitted or be out of duck tape. I can't decide. Who knows? I might turn around and sew something.

Lookie, lookie at my duck tape coffin!
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I made it just for Zabet for It's out of duck tape. She saw the picture on the myspace and thought it was awesome. She hadn't checked the submissions email account cause she didn't even know about it yesterday. I told her I submitted it and without looking at the directions, she accepted it then and there. I'm going to be in the Imbolc issue when I had expected the Beltane issue. Go me.

I've been an I-cording fiend. I have 24 done. Yes, that doesn't even equal to a freakin' month. I've been working on it for more than 24 days. ERGH. It is looking good when they are all in a bunch. *sniff, sniff* My babies are gonna look like that one website I can't find. I need to make...26 more I-cords! I'll be doing this till....March. At that point, I can dye my hair.

I am trying to think of more duck tape things for Zabet. No inspiration. *frowns* I might do my living essay in duck tape. Duck tape is rad. That is all I got to say. Tomorrow, I have to cure a country ham.


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