Monday, December 19, 2005


Kirk: Conquest is easy.
Control is hard.
-"Mirror, Mirror" Stardate unknown

When in trouble or in doubt,
run in circles, scream and shout.

"First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily
killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're
willing to kill."

George W. Bush
May 19, 2003
Washington, D.C.

Amy: "Way to go, Professor, the plan worked."
Mom: "Plan? What plan? I thought this was a spontaneous whirlwind of hot dry

Listen, you big, stupid space-creature. Nobody, but nobody, eats the

-- Homer Simpson
Treehouse of Horror

Lisa: Dad, I think that's pretty spurious.

Homer: Well, thank you, honey.

-- Homer Simpson
Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Everybody has something to conceal.

Stewie Griffin: Damn you, vile woman, you've impeded my work since the day I
escaped your wretched womb.

Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it at an
appropriate time. Like that day I hit that referee with a whiskey
bottle. 'Member that?

-- Homer Simpson
Whacking Day

Holy Moly! The bastard's rich!

-- Homer Simpson
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

A few hours grace before the madness begins again.

"Nuclear war would really set back cable."
-- Ted Turner

Stewie Griffin: Oh, I hate it when your mother worries. She usually says things
like "I told you so" and "Stop doing that, I'm asleep."

"... Magna Carter ..."

George W. Bush
circa May 30, 2001
Standing before giant redwood trees in California, the president stated that
the trees were there when the "Magna Carter" was signed.

I guess Bart's not to blame. He's lucky, too, because it's spanking
season, and I got a hankering for some spankering!

-- Homer Simpson
Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

Peter Griffin: If I'm a child, you know what that makes you? A child molester,
and I'll be damned if I stand here and get lectured by pervert.

Oh, wow! Look at the moon!


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