Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Note to Self: Bring More Knitting

Always bring tons and tons of knitting where ever you go. I have learned that lesson the hard way. I was stuck in Ohio in a hotel room with nothing to do. I finished some Cancer scarves this weekend and used some extra to make a overly large head band. Grrr. My knitting bag of the gods was even in David's car. Grr. I didn't want to I-cord during this time. I-cording is boring if you do it around 40 plus times. I need to enslave some orphans to I-cord for me. Well, because of all of David's car trouble, I can't see him all month. I miss Rocky Horror and the Stitch 'N Bitch. Argh, matey.

It is quite odd for me to see people that are my age that are knitting and not influenced by me. Quite odd for me! You see, I saw this girl(I think she annoys me; I haven't decided) knitting during french. Let me tell you: this(I think) is her first project. Man, it sucked. I know(since I have that scarf) my first scarf did not ever look that bad. It was all curvy and very holey. But I shouldn't judge. Really, I shouldn't. They were talking about knitting needles on planes. I tried to intject but no one would let me in. Oh, well. I am sure I am a better knitter than any of them. Oh mi god, that is my feelings of being at West all those years. No one ever cared. No one. I bet she ain't the kinda gothic girl who knits during lunch. I'm sorry that I don't knit during 3rd block. It's not that I am afraid. It is cause I have to rush in from East, rush out, make up work. I don't have the time.

I haven't helped with the 4-H Knitting Class. Haven't had time. Oh, well.

I need money and I need yarn. Donations welcome. Oh, I have to makes some scarves for cancer patients to revive my community service I was doing in October. I am trying to use all my icky pink this way. I got another yarn ball that was pink.

The new Anticraft issue is out. Everyone should check it out...not that anyone reads this. I've been postponed to next issue. Oh, well.

My head hurts. I think that is a sign for bed.


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